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Vote YES on Prop. 17 on June 8th!

Auto Insurance Discount Ahead:

Prop. 17 Will Increase Competition and Result in Lower Rates for Consumers

Prop. 17, the Continuous Coverage Auto Insurance Discount Act on the June 8, 2010 ballot, will lower auto insurance rates and deserves your support.


The measure will benefit 80% of drivers in California by extending extend the continuous coverage discount for drivers who maintain auto insurance, even if they change insurance companies.

Current Law Punishes 80% of Responsible California Drivers

Under current law, drivers who have maintained auto insurance with the same company are eligible for a continuous coverage discount. However, a flaw in law prohibits drivers from taking this continuous coverage discount with them if they switch insurance companies. Responsible drivers who maintain their insurance coverage pay a surcharge of hundreds of dollars if they switch insurance companies because they lose their continuous coverage discount.

The Solution: Prop. 17

Prop. 17 eliminates the surcharge on changing insurers, which could save you $250 a year. The 80% of responsible drivers who maintain automobile insurance should not be penalized and lose their discount just because they change insurance companies. You take your good driver discount with you when you change insurers.  You should be able to take your continuous coverage discount too!  

California’s economy has taken a toll on all of us. We’ve lost jobs, businesses have closed and savings have shrunk. In this economy, we need every discount we can get.

Prop. 17 will:

·         Lower auto insurance rates;

·         Increase competition,

·         Eliminate the surcharge for changing insurers; and

·         Save you hundreds of dollars per year!


        For more information on Prop. 17, please visit

    Paid for by Yes on 17 - Californians for Fair Auto Insurance Rates and Mercury General Corporation and Affiliates

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